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When we say we offer everything under the sun, we really do! With over 30 years in the industry, we have experts in everything from metals fabrication to financial products. Whether you need professional consulting providing solutions for large projects or a break down on job activities, we are here to help. We guarantee our quality assurance work because we hire only the very best in the industry.

We offer a variety of services because we want to match you with the best solution for the job, we’ll need information on your project before we can quote a price. By providing a start to finish solution to your project, we’ll find the perfect fit for your needs.


Vessel Refurbishment

GMP vessel refurbishment is the process of returning your used vessel to a like new condition. On-Site services can include any or all of the following: project management, vessel assessment, certified ASME code weld repair or vessel modification, mechanical polishing and electropolishing.

On-site services can include any or all of the following:

Project Management under the direction of an experienced GMP On-Site Coordinator who is part of our management team

Vessel Assessment to evaluate the condition of your equipment:

* Visual Inspection
* Ultrasound testing
* Liquid Penetrant testing
* Profilometer measurement of surface finish
* Complete documentation including mapping of flaws and problem areas
* Certified Level II Inspection

Certified ASME Code weld repair or vessel modification

Mechanical Polishing by experienced polishers

Chemical Cleaning and Passivation

Electropolishing using a proprietary process that addresses both environmental and safety concerns

Documented and Certified Processes

Component replacement

Safety Compliance including technicians with all required OSHA training


guys standing next to rescue

Confined Space Entry


Many workplaces contain spaces that are considered to be confined because their configurations hinder the activities of employees who must enter into, work in or exit from them. In many instances, employees who work in confined spaces also face increased risk of exposure to serious physical injury from hazards such as entrapment, engulfment and hazardous atmospheric conditions. Confinement itself may pose entrapment hazards and work in confined spaces may keep employees closer to hazards such as machinery components than they would be otherwise. For example, confinement, limited access and restricted airflow can result in hazardous conditions that would not normally arise in an open workplace.

Mechanical Polish

Optima Ra

(Roughness Average)


Polished Finished No.1 An intermediate polish generally used where a semi-polished surface is required for subsequent finishing operations following fabrication. It is also used as a final finish with a 50- or 80- grit abrasive compound.

  • Polished Finish No.2 A general purpose, bright polished finish obtained with a 100-180 mesh abrasive which follows initial grinding with coarser abrasives.
  • Buffed Finish No.3 A soft, satin finish having a lower reflectivity than the No.2 finish. It is produced with a greaseless compound; #200 grit top dressed with white rouge or chromium green rouge.
  • Buffed Finish No.4 A highly reflective finished produced by buffing a surface that has been previously refined to a No.3 finish (approximately). The surface is then buffed lightly with a white rouge and does not remove the satin finish lines.
  • Buffed Finish No.5 The most reflective finish that we commonly produce, the No.1 finish is obtained by flexible polishing with successive finer abrasive compounds. The surface is then buffed extensively with a very fine chromium green rouge bar compound

Dye Penetrant

The most popular inspection method is dye Penetrant Testing. This method is highly sensitive to small surface flaws. It also can be used on a wide variety of shapes and materials ranging from metals, plastics, and rubbers. Dye penetrant testing is a cost-effective approach to rapidly inspect large objects or a high quantity of items.

We are capable of detecting common and uncommon discontinuities open to the materials surface. Some of the most common discoveries are fatigue cracks, grinding cracks, overload and impact fractures and weld discontinuities.



We offers confined space stand-by rescue. These services are provided on site. We offer 24-hour coverage, as needed, and provide multiple team members to ensure adequate coverage of the hazards within your facility. Rescue team members are highly trained firefighters with certifications in rope rescue, confined space rescue, Hazmat, and EMS. Not only do these rescuers have high levels of training, but they also have a tremendous amount of actual experience with rescue.

Technical rescue teams provide a cost saving alternative to maintaining equipment and personnel for an onsite team. Our Rescue teams provide emergency retrieval systems, supplied air units, personal protective equipment, and medical trauma kits for potential rescue in IDLH atmospheres. Rescue personnel monitors all activities inside and outside the space to ensure a safe confined-space entry.



Clients of all sizes and sectors turn to GMP for purpose-driven precision welding services that continually exceed expectations for repeatable quality, accuracy, and turnaround speed.
Our broad range of services includes laser welding, orbital welding, manual TIG welding, and laser marking for diverse applicationsfrom life-changing medical components to specialized welding services for ultra high purity process equipment. We also offer metallurgical analysis to inspect and test weld precision and strength.



CNC Machining & Deburring

GMP has a strong reputation of expertise in metal surface finishing, benching, deburring and especially our craftsmanship in dimensional benching; which, consists of bringing parts to print dimensions with special attention to critical specifications and tolerances. Our knowledge of abrasives materials, metal characteristics, metallurgy and custom tooling has made us an industry leader.

Our large scale bench and deburring operations handle consistent product lines and can create essential machine details on parts such as fillet radii, chamfers, pilot-holes and peripheries. We can also remove excess material; remove tooling tabs; and trim to weight requirements

Citric acid cleaning and Passivation

  • Faster removal of free iron from the surface
  • Low hazard chemistry
  • Environmentally safe chemistry
  • Lower cost
  • Passivated surfaces that pass all salt spray, immersion and high humidity tests




Metal Finishing Solutions

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