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Cleaning Critical Surfaces is our business and we invite you to explore our capabilities 

Mechanical Polishing  – Surface Pre

Passivation/Derouging/Descaling – Biofilm Removal – Minncare Cold Sterilant

Electropolishing – Rouge & Rust Prevention


With over 30 years of experience, GMP has provided a unique array of non-toxic high-purity cleaning and treating services to a wide spectrum of  industries including Aerospace, Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology, Food and Beverage Processing, Steel and Heavy Industries, Utilities and others.

From start to finish, we provide  the processing equipment for the final step of passivation. In order to achieve a product with acceptable production specifications and high corrosion resistance, we have earned our name by providing reliable and quality turnaround services.

The capability to provide Mechanical Polish and passivation services onsite allows GMP to help clients with high-purity applications to maintain or improve the surface finish conditions on the interior or exterior of vessels with minimal downtime.

We’ve been dedicated to our customers for years, and you’re no exception!